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Serving Southwest Missouri, Southeast Kansas, Northwest Arkansas, and Northeast Oklahoma,. We provide network services, and installation from the physical layer up, working with your IT professionals to specify, provide, and install required equipment and supporting services.

With over 37 years experience in the data and telecom industry, DPS is well equipped and experienced to fulfill all of your data networking, copper and fiber optic cabling, and VoIP requirements. We have worked in many business environments including manufacturing, refining, healthcare, banking and financial, legal, insurance, and many others.

We offer complete fiber optic services including, fusion splicing, terminating, testing, troubleshooting services, network design and more.

Network Infrastructure

The parts of your network that are unseen are what makes it organized, efficient, and reliable.

At Data Products & Services, we do more than just cabling. When we talk about Structured Cabling, we’re referring to the design and installation of a standardized system of a building’s telecommunications and data network. It involves the use of specific cables, connectors, and other hardware to ensure that the network is organized and efficient.

Structured cabling is important because it provides the foundation for a building’s communication and data systems. It allows for the seamless transmission of data, voice, and video signals between devices and ensures that the network is reliable and efficient.

In addition, structured cabling is scalable and flexible, which means that it can be easily modified or expanded as the needs of the business change. This is particularly important for businesses that are planning for future growth or that expect to make changes to their communication and data systems.

Overall, structured cabling is an essential component of a building’s communication and data infrastructure and is crucial for the efficient operation of a business.

Whether your business needs copper, fiber optic, or wireless infrastructure, DPS has you covered.

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VoIP and UCaaS

Offering Cloud-hosted VoIP that is custom-tailored for your business, giving you the power to connect!

Whether you need simple to use phones or the most advanced phone system, you can find it all with SpectrumVoIP and Data Products & Services.

Together, we can help you tailor a hosted PBX solution utilizing a wide variety of next generation equipment, best in class quality of service and competitive pricing perfect for your business.


We do network infrastructure right.

With over 35 years of experience in the communications sector, DPS knows what’s right. We only do standards-based work, for a reason. We’ve helped many clients over the years correct the things that other companies have compromised on.

There’s really no excuse to be doing shoddy work, it shows a lack of commitment to the client. Our commitments are where they should be and we’re happy to be able to prove that.

DPS is capable of installing whatever network hardware you have:

Cellular Failover DevicesBattery Backups (UPS)


We dispatch fully stocked service vehicles. Time is of the essence when we are on site for our clients and we do our very best to arrive fully prepared to do the job we’ve been hired to do.

In order to be best prepared, we take the time to ask the questions, and will even come take a survey of the work beforehand if needed. We want to be as efficient as possible and that means our clients save money.